J&R Engineering

J & R Engineering's products include our world-renowned LIFT-N-LOCK® Hydraulic BOOM Gantries, LIFT-N-LOCK® Crawler Transporters and Specialized designs. Based in our Mukwonago, Wisconsin, USA facility, J&R closely integrates the engineering, design, production and service processes. This enables us to reach unprecedented levels of quality and service standards.

J & R was founded in 1978 as a professional engineering consulting firm primarily serving the crane manufacturing business. During it's early years, J & R was instrumental in the development of the first commercially available telescopic hydraulic gantries. With the development of the LIFT-N-LOCK® Hydraulic BOOM Gantry in 1989, J & R discontinued offering engineering consulting services so that it could concentrate on the design and manufacture of it's own proprietary line of premier lifting equipment.

In addition to it's gantry line, J & R designed and built the first ever tracked spent fuel dry cask Transporter. Other products are LIFT-N-BOOM 60 US ton mobiles and 1,200 US ton vessel dollies.

Many of the safety and design features presented are proprietary products of J & R Engineering and are patent protected.

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